My Prenatal and Postpartum 



The idea to name the business or my services "Before Baby After Baby" came only after working with mothers in the Emergency Room and in Women's Services. I saw first -hand what mothers did or did not do during pregnancy affected their birth and their postpartum (from after birth and beyond)  

WHEN? So my goal is to help you before the baby comes and after the baby is here.

WHO? Prenatal and Postpartum women, you, especially, if you are working and over 30 years old


Preparing for birth and recovering from birth using: 

1. Fitness

2. Education

3. Support

WHY? I am absolutely passionate about the benefits of fitness, education, and support for mothers

because I know they work! I have evidence-based research/outcomes and anecdotal evidence.

WHERE? Virtual/online in YOUR home

BTW, it doesn't matter whether you you plan to give birth at a hospital, birth center, or at home.

I work with you, your doula, your OB doctor, and /or your midwife

Many things that we think are normal during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum are not normal at all.  There is plenty of evidence-based research/outcomes and anecdotal evidence that proves that fitness, education, and support enables mothers to THRIVE from pregnancy to weaning.  Fitness, education, and support have been used naturally for centuries all over the world.


What about you? Are you ready to prepare for birth or if you have already given birth, are you ready for a healthier, more rewarding recovery?

If so, contact me. I promise that we will K.I.S.S. (keep it simple)!


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