Online and Virtual FITNESS COACHING after Baby


You've had your baby.

You have no energy. You have a tummy. You've read all different types of ways to exercise after having a baby. Overwhelmed? No time for exercise?

Did you have a c-section? Are you trying to go back to work?


You will get the encouragement, education, and exercise you need with a postpartum program designed specifically for you by your one-on-one virtual coach.

Let's do this!



The Postpartum YOU and Your Baby

"You've had your baby.

This period is described as the most critical yet the most neglected phase of maternity.

Whether you have family to help or not, 

every mother and every baby is different.


This session talks about YOU. Why? Your body and thoughts will be different. Even if you've had a baby before, it is never the same. And we will not forget baby. We'll discuss him or her too.

This session is about 3.5 to 4 hours in duration. 

Your Postpartum Recovery & SUPPORT


Reflexology and other therapies are very nurturing after giving birth. Just being able to express your feelings about your birth experience is therapeutic! These therapeutic sessions encourage your body to heal from birth, whether a vaginal delivery or c-section. Regular sessions will stimulate sleep which you will need much of. Each session will help you to relax and "reset". When the body is relaxed, it heals, ready to enjoy your baby! 

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